Version: 2017.2


struct in UnityEngine



Script interface for the main module.


customSimulationSpaceSimulate particles relative to a custom transform component.
durationThe duration of the particle system in seconds.
emitterVelocityModeControl how the Particle System calculates its velocity, when moving in the world.
gravityModifierScale applied to the gravity, defined by Physics.gravity.
gravityModifierMultiplierChange the gravity mulutiplier.
playOnAwaketrue の場合、パーティクルシステムは起動時に自動的に再生します
prewarmWhen looping is enabled, this controls whether this particle system will look like it has already simulated for one loop when first becoming visible.
randomizeRotationDirectionCause some particles to spin in the opposite direction.
scalingModeControl how the particle system's Transform Component is applied to the particle system.
simulationSpeedOverride the default playback speed of the Particle System.
startDelayMultiplierStart delay multiplier in seconds.
startLifetimeThe total lifetime in seconds that each new particle will have.
startLifetimeMultiplierStart lifetime multiplier.
startRotationThe initial rotation of particles when emitted.
startRotation3DA flag to enable 3D particle rotation.
startRotationMultiplierStart rotation multiplier.
startRotationXThe initial rotation of particles around the X axis when emitted.
startRotationXMultiplierStart rotation multiplier around the X axis.
startRotationYThe initial rotation of particles around the Y axis when emitted.
startRotationYMultiplierStart rotation multiplier around the Y axis.
startRotationZThe initial rotation of particles around the Z axis when emitted.
startRotationZMultiplierStart rotation multiplier around the Z axis.
startSizeThe initial size of particles when emitted.
startSize3DA flag to enable specifying particle size individually for each axis.
startSizeMultiplierStart size multiplier.
startSizeXThe initial size of particles along the X axis when emitted.
startSizeXMultiplierStart rotation multiplier along the X axis.
startSizeYThe initial size of particles along the Y axis when emitted.
startSizeYMultiplierStart rotation multiplier along the Y axis.
startSizeZThe initial size of particles along the Z axis when emitted.
startSizeZMultiplierStart rotation multiplier along the Z axis.
startSpeedThe initial speed of particles when emitted.
startSpeedMultiplierA multiplier of the initial speed of particles when emitted.
stopActionConfigure whether the GameObject will automatically disable or destroy itself, when the Particle System is stopped and all particles have died.
useUnscaledTimeWhen true, use the unscaled delta time to simulate the Particle System. Otherwise, use the scaled delta time.