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public static void MoveCacheBefore (Cache src, Cache dst);


srcThe Cache to move.
dstThe Cache which should come after the source Cache in the cache list.


Moves the source Cache before the destination Cache in the cache list.

using System.IO;
using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { void MoveCacheBeforeExample() { Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache1"); Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache2"); Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache3");

Cache c1 = Caching.AddCache("Cache1"); //Placed in cache list at position 1 Cache c2 = Caching.AddCache("Cache2"); //Placed in cache list at position 2 Cache c3 = Caching.AddCache("Cache3"); //Placed in cache list at position 3

Caching.MoveCacheBefore(c2, c1);

//Now the Cache list looks like: //Position 0: Default Cache //Position 1: Cache2 //Position 2: Cache1 //Position 3: Cache3 } }