public static Cache GetCacheByPath (string cachePath);


cachePathThe cache path.

Valor de retorno

Cache A reference to the Cache with the given path.


Returns the Cache that has the given cache path.

using System.IO;
using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { void GetCacheByPathExample() { Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache1"); Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache2"); Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache3");

Caching.AddCache("Cache1"); //Placed in cache list at position 1 Caching.AddCache("Cache2"); //Placed in cache list at position 2 Caching.AddCache("Cache3"); //Placed in cache list at position 3

Cache c1 = Caching.GetCacheByPath("Cache1"); Cache c2 = Caching.GetCacheByPath("Cache2"); Cache c3 = Caching.GetCacheByPath("Cache3"); } }