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public static void GetAllCachePaths (List<string> cachePaths);


cachePathsList of all the cache paths.


Returns all paths of the cache in the cache list.

using System.IO;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { void GetAllCachePathExample() { Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache1"); Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache2"); Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache3");

Cache c1 = Caching.AddCache("Cache1"); //Placed in cache list at position 1 Cache c2 = Caching.AddCache("Cache2"); //Placed in cache list at position 2 Cache c3 = Caching.AddCache("Cache3"); //Placed in cache list at position 3

List<string> cachePaths = new List<string>(); Caching.GetAllCachePaths(cachePaths);

//cachePaths[0] is Cache1 //cachePaths[1] is Cache2 //cachePaths[2] is Cache3 } }