public static bool ClearCache ();
public static bool ClearCache (int expiration);


expirationThe number of seconds that AssetBundles may remain unused in the cache.

Valor de retorno

bool True when cache clearing succeeded, false if cache was in use.


Removes all AssetBundle content that has been cached by the current application.

This method is not available to WebPlayer applications that use the shared cache.

See Also: Downloading Asset Bundles.

using System.IO;
using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { void ClearCacheExample() { Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache1"); Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache2"); Directory.CreateDirectory("Cache3");

Caching.AddCache("Cache1"); //Placed in cache list at position 1 Caching.AddCache("Cache2"); //Placed in cache list at position 2 Caching.AddCache("Cache3"); //Placed in cache list at position 3

//Clears all of the caches bool success = Caching.ClearCache();

if (!success) { Debug.Log("Unable to clear cache"); } } }

Web player is not supported from 5.4.0 and beyond.