Version: 5.6
public static Vector3 Vector3Field (Rect position, string label, Vector3 value);
public static Vector3 Vector3Field (Rect position, GUIContent label, Vector3 value);


position Rectangle on the screen to use for the field.
label Label to display above the field.
value The value to edit.

Valor de retorno

Vector3 The value entered by the user.


Make an X, Y & Z field for entering a Vector3.

Vector3 field in an Editor Window.

// Editor window that shows the detailed rotation (X,Y,Z and W components),
// the position in 3D space and position in Screen space of the selected
// transform.

class CustomTransformInspector extends EditorWindow { var showing : boolean = true; var rotationComp : Vector4;

@MenuItem("Examples/GameObject detailed inspector") static function Init() { var window = GetWindow(CustomTransformInspector); window.Show(); }

function OnInspectorUpdate() { Repaint(); } function OnGUI() { var currObj = Selection.activeTransform; showing = EditorGUI.InspectorTitlebar(Rect(0,0,position.width, 20), showing, currObj); if(showing) { if(currObj) { currObj.position = EditorGUI.Vector3Field(Rect(3,15,position.width-6,20), "Position in 3D Space:", currObj.position);

EditorGUI.Vector2Field(Rect(3,50,position.width-6,20), "Position in Screen Space:", Camera.main.WorldToScreenPoint(currObj.position));

rotationComp = EditorGUI.Vector4Field(Rect(3, 85, position.width-6, 20), "Detailed Rotation:", QuaternionToVector4(currObj.localRotation)); currObj.localRotation = ConvertToQuaternion(rotationComp);

currObj.localScale = EditorGUI.Vector3Field(Rect(3,120,position.width-6,20), "Scale:", currObj.localScale);

} else { EditorGUI.DropShadowLabel( Rect(3,15,position.width,20), "Select an Object to inspect"); } } }

function ConvertToQuaternion(v4 : Vector4) { return Quaternion(v4.x, v4.y, v4.z, v4.w); } function QuaternionToVector4(q : Quaternion) { return Vector4(q.x, q.y, q.z, q.w); } }