public static EditorWindow mouseOverWindow ;


The EditorWindow currently under the mouse cursor. (Read Only)

mouseOverWindow can be null if there is no window under the cursor.

See Also: focusedWindow.

Move the mouse over other Unity windows to automatically focus them.

// mouseOverWindow example
// The window appears in front of the editor.  When you move
// the cursor over a Unity object the type of it will be
// shown in this new window.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor;

public class MouseOverWindowExample : EditorWindow { string mouseOver = "Nothing...";

[MenuItem("Examples/mouseOver")] static void Init() { GetWindow<MouseOverWindowExample>("mouseOver"); }

void OnGUI() { GUILayout.Label("Mouse over:\n" + mouseOver); if (GUILayout.Button("Close")) { this.Close(); }

mouseOver = EditorWindow.mouseOverWindow ? EditorWindow.mouseOverWindow.ToString() : "Nothing..."; }

void OnInspectorUpdate() { if (EditorWindow.mouseOverWindow) { EditorWindow.mouseOverWindow.Focus(); }

this.Repaint(); } }