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public static bool limitUserTracking ;


Controls whether to limit user tracking at runtime.

Setting this property to true causes the Analytics service to further anonymize data by not sending SystemInfo.deviceUniqueIdentifier for game users. By default limitUserTracking is false.

using System;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Analytics;

public class DataPrivacyOptInFlow { [RuntimeInitializeOnLoadMethod(RuntimeInitializeLoadType.BeforeSceneLoad)] static void InitStepOne() { Analytics.initializeOnStartup = false; }

public void EnableAnonymizingData() { Analytics.limitUserTracking = true; }

// Call this when the user has given limited data collection permission public void UserHasOptedIntoLimitedDataCollection_LetsResumeAnalyticsInitialization() { EnableAnonymizingData(); Analytics.ResumeInitialization(); } }