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Type of a SerializedProperty.


IntegerInteger property.
BooleanBoolean property.
FloatFloat property.
StringString property.
ColorColor property.
ObjectReferenceReference to another object.
LayerMask LayerMask property.
EnumEnumeration property.
Vector22D vector property.
Vector33D vector property.
Vector44D vector property.
RectRectangle property.
ArraySizeArray size property.
CharacterCharacter property.
AnimationCurveAnimationCurve property.
BoundsBounds property.
GradientGradient property.
QuaternionQuaternion property.
ExposedReferenceA reference to another Object in the Scene. This is done via an ExposedReference type and resolves to a reference to an Object that exists in the context of the SerializedObject containing the SerializedProperty.
FixedBufferSizeFixed buffer size property.
Vector2Int2D integer vector property.
Vector3Int3D integer vector property.
RectIntRectangle with Integer values property.
BoundsIntBounds with Integer values property.
ManagedReferenceManaged reference property.