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Human Body Bones.


HipsThis is the Hips bone.
LeftUpperLegThis is the Left Upper Leg bone.
RightUpperLegThis is the Right Upper Leg bone.
LeftLowerLegThis is the Left Knee bone.
RightLowerLegThis is the Right Knee bone.
LeftFootThis is the Left Ankle bone.
RightFootThis is the Right Ankle bone.
SpineThis is the first Spine bone.
ChestThis is the Chest bone.
UpperChestThis is the Upper Chest bone.
NeckThis is the Neck bone.
HeadThis is the Head bone.
LeftShoulderThis is the Left Shoulder bone.
RightShoulderThis is the Right Shoulder bone.
LeftUpperArmThis is the Left Upper Arm bone.
RightUpperArmThis is the Right Upper Arm bone.
LeftLowerArmThis is the Left Elbow bone.
RightLowerArmThis is the Right Elbow bone.
LeftHandThis is the Left Wrist bone.
RightHandThis is the Right Wrist bone.
LeftToesThis is the Left Toes bone.
RightToesThis is the Right Toes bone.
LeftEyeThis is the Left Eye bone.
RightEyeThis is the Right Eye bone.
JawThis is the Jaw bone.
LeftThumbProximalThis is the left thumb 1st phalange.
LeftThumbIntermediateThis is the left thumb 2nd phalange.
LeftThumbDistalThis is the left thumb 3rd phalange.
LeftIndexProximalThis is the left index 1st phalange.
LeftIndexIntermediateThis is the left index 2nd phalange.
LeftIndexDistalThis is the left index 3rd phalange.
LeftMiddleProximalThis is the left middle 1st phalange.
LeftMiddleIntermediateThis is the left middle 2nd phalange.
LeftMiddleDistalThis is the left middle 3rd phalange.
LeftRingProximalThis is the left ring 1st phalange.
LeftRingIntermediateThis is the left ring 2nd phalange.
LeftRingDistalThis is the left ring 3rd phalange.
LeftLittleProximalThis is the left little 1st phalange.
LeftLittleIntermediateThis is the left little 2nd phalange.
LeftLittleDistalThis is the left little 3rd phalange.
RightThumbProximalThis is the right thumb 1st phalange.
RightThumbIntermediateThis is the right thumb 2nd phalange.
RightThumbDistalThis is the right thumb 3rd phalange.
RightIndexProximalThis is the right index 1st phalange.
RightIndexIntermediateThis is the right index 2nd phalange.
RightIndexDistalThis is the right index 3rd phalange.
RightMiddleProximalThis is the right middle 1st phalange.
RightMiddleIntermediateThis is the right middle 2nd phalange.
RightMiddleDistalThis is the right middle 3rd phalange.
RightRingProximalThis is the right ring 1st phalange.
RightRingIntermediateThis is the right ring 2nd phalange.
RightRingDistalThis is the right ring 3rd phalange.
RightLittleProximalThis is the right little 1st phalange.
RightLittleIntermediateThis is the right little 2nd phalange.
RightLittleDistalThis is the right little 3rd phalange.
LastBoneThis is the Last bone index delimiter.