Dispatched when the network request made by the RemoteSettings object to fetch the remote configuration file is complete.

Your event handler function must have the signature: Handler(bool wasUpdatedFromServer, bool settingsChanged, int serverResponse).

Check the wasUpdatedFromServer parameter passed to your event handler to determine whether a remote configration file was received as a result of the request. (This file could be identical to the local, cached version if you have not updated your settings.)

Check the settingsChanged parameter to determine if any values in the received configuration changed since the last remote update.

Check the serverResponse parameter passed to determine whether the request succeeded or not. This parameter contains a standard HTTP response code (for example, 200 on success).

using UnityEngine;

public class HandleRemoteSettings : MonoBehaviour { private void Start() { RemoteSettings.Completed += RemoteSettingsUpdateCompleted; }

private static void RemoteSettingsUpdateCompleted(bool wasUpdatedFromServer, bool settingsChanged, int serverResponse) { /*...*/} }