public static float LerpUnclamped (float a, float b, float t);


aEl valor inicial.
bEl valor final.
tLa interpolación entres los dos floats.

Valor de retorno

float El valor float como un resultado de la interpolación lineal.


Interpola linealmente entre a y b por t sin limites a t.

The parameter t is not clamped and a value based on a and b is supported. If t is less than zero, or greater than one, then LerpUnclamped will result in a return value outside the range a to b.

Suppose parameter a = 0.33f, and b = 1.5f. If interpolator t = -0.25f then the return value is 0.0375f.

Details: The calculation (b - a) is 1.17f. This is scaled by 0.25f and a result of 0.2925f is obtained. Subtracting this from a (because the interpolant t is negative) results in 0.0375f.

See Also: Lerp.