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KeywordRecognizer listens to speech input and attempts to match uttered phrases to a list of registered keywords.

There can be many keyword recognizers active at any given time, but no two keyword recognizers may be listening for the same keyword.

using System;
using System.Text;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Windows.Speech;

public class KeywordScript : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField] private string[] m_Keywords;

private KeywordRecognizer m_Recognizer;

void Start() { m_Recognizer = new KeywordRecognizer(m_Keywords); m_Recognizer.OnPhraseRecognized += OnPhraseRecognized; m_Recognizer.Start(); }

private void OnPhraseRecognized(PhraseRecognizedEventArgs args) { StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder(); builder.AppendFormat("{0} ({1}){2}", args.text, args.confidence, Environment.NewLine); builder.AppendFormat("\tTimestamp: {0}{1}", args.phraseStartTime, Environment.NewLine); builder.AppendFormat("\tDuration: {0} seconds{1}", args.phraseDuration.TotalSeconds, Environment.NewLine); Debug.Log(builder.ToString()); } }

Keyword recognizer is currently functional only on Windows 10.


KeywordsReturns the list of keywords which was supplied when the keyword recognizer was created.


KeywordRecognizerCreate a KeywordRecognizer which listens to specified keywords with the specified minimum confidence. Phrases under the specified minimum level will be ignored.

Miembros heredados


IsRunningTells whether the phrase recognizer is listening for phrases.

Funciones Públicas

DisposeDisposes the resources used by phrase recognizer.
StartMakes the phrase recognizer start listening to phrases.
StopStops the phrase recognizer from listening to phrases.


OnPhraseRecognizedEvent that gets fired when the phrase recognizer recognizes a phrase.


PhraseRecognizedDelegateDelegate for OnPhraseRecognized event.