public void GetWorldCorners (Vector3[] fourCornersArray);


fourCornersArrayThe array that corners are filled into.


Obtiene las esquinas del rectángulo calculado en el espacio del mundo.

Each corner provides its world space value. The returned array of 4 vertices is clockwise. It starts bottom left and rotates to top left, then top right, and finally bottom right. Note that bottom left, for example, is an (x, y, z) vector with x being left and y being bottom.

Note: If the RectTransform is rotated in Z then the dimensions of the GetWorldCorners will be changed.

using UnityEngine;

// GetWorldCorners(): // Access the RectTransform and read the vertices // that define the location and size of the // object.

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { RectTransform rt;

void Start() { rt = GetComponent<RectTransform>(); DisplayWorldCorners(); }

void DisplayWorldCorners() { Vector3[] v = new Vector3[4]; rt.GetWorldCorners(v);

Debug.Log("World Corners"); for (var i = 0; i < 4; i++) { Debug.Log("World Corner " + i + " : " + v[i]); } } }

See Also: GetLocalCorners.