Do not include type information within the AssetBundle.

Specifying this flag will make an AssetBundle susceptible to script or Unity version changes, but will make the file smaller and a bit faster to load. This flag affects only AssetBundles for platforms that have type information included by default. Type information must be present for Web platforms, therefore Unity will reject to build an AssetBundle if you specify this flag when building for BuildTarget.WebPlayer, for example.

See Also: BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundle.

//Create a folder (right click in the Assets folder and go to Create>Folder), and name it “Editor” if it doesn’t already exist
//Place this script in the Editor folder

//This script creates a new Menu named “Build Asset” and new options within the menu named “Normal” and “Disable Write Type Tree”. Click these menu items to build an AssetBundle into a folder.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { //Creates a new menu (Build Asset Bundles) and item (Normal) in the Editor [MenuItem("Build Asset Bundles/Normal")] static void BuildABsNone() { //Create a folder to put the Asset Bundle in. // This puts the bundles in your custom folder (this case it's "MyAssetBuilds") within the Assets folder. //Build AssetBundles with no special options BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles("Assets/MyAssetBuilds", BuildAssetBundleOptions.None, BuildTarget.StandaloneOSX); }

//Creates a new item (Disable Write Type Tree) in the new Build Asset Bundles menu [MenuItem("Build Asset Bundles/Disable Write Type Tree ")] static void BuildABsTree() { //Build the AssetBundles in this mode BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles("Assets/MyAssetBuilds", BuildAssetBundleOptions.DisableWriteTypeTree, BuildTarget.StandaloneOSX); } }