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The GrammarRecognizer is a complement to the KeywordRecognizer. In many cases developers will find the KeywordRecognizer fills all their development needs. However, in some cases, more complex grammars will be better expressed in the form of an xml file on disk. The GrammarRecognizer uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) elements and attributes, as specified in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Speech Recognition Grammar Specification (SRGS) Version 1.0. These XML elements and attributes represent the rule structures that define the words or phrases (commands) recognized by speech recognition engines.

Information on this format can be found here http://www.w3.orgspeech-grammarspeech-grammar/ or on MSDN.

There can be many grammar recognizers active at any given point in time, but no two grammar recognizers may use the same grammar file.

Grammar recognizer is currently functional only on Windows 10.


GrammarFilePathReturns the grammar file path which was supplied when the grammar recognizer was created.


GrammarRecognizerCreates a grammar recognizer using specified file path and minimum confidence.

Miembros heredados


IsRunningTells whether the phrase recognizer is listening for phrases.

Funciones Públicas

DisposeDisposes the resources used by phrase recognizer.
StartMakes the phrase recognizer start listening to phrases.
StopStops the phrase recognizer from listening to phrases.


OnPhraseRecognizedEvent that gets fired when the phrase recognizer recognizes a phrase.


PhraseRecognizedDelegateDelegate for OnPhraseRecognized event.