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A zero argument persistent callback that can be saved with the Scene.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Events;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { UnityEvent m_MyEvent;

void Start() { if (m_MyEvent == null) m_MyEvent = new UnityEvent();

m_MyEvent.AddListener(Ping); }

void Update() { if (Input.anyKeyDown && m_MyEvent != null) { m_MyEvent.Invoke(); } }

void Ping() { Debug.Log("Ping"); } }



Funciones Públicas

AddListenerAdd a non persistent listener to the UnityEvent.
InvokeInvoke all registered callbacks (runtime and persistent).
RemoveListenerRemove a non persistent listener from the UnityEvent.

Miembros heredados

Funciones Públicas

GetPersistentEventCountGet the number of registered persistent listeners.
GetPersistentMethodNameGet the target method name of the listener at index index.
GetPersistentTargetGet the target component of the listener at index index.
RemoveAllListenersRemove all non-persisent (ie created from script) listeners from the event.
SetPersistentListenerStateModify the execution state of a persistent listener.

Funciones Estáticas

GetValidMethodInfoGiven an object, function name, and a list of argument types; find the method that matches.