public void Apply (bool updateMipmaps= true, bool makeNoLongerReadable= false);


updateMipmapsCuando se define a true, los niveles mipmap son re-calculados.
makeNoLongerReadableCuando está definido a true, una copia de la memoria del sistema de la textura es liberada.


Realmente aplica todos los cambios previos SetPixels.

If updateMipmaps is true, the mipmap levels are recalculated as well, using the base level as a source. Usually you want to use true in all cases except when you've modified the mip levels yourself using SetPixels.

If makeNoLongerReadable is true, texture will be marked as no longer readable and memory will be freed after uploading to GPU. By default makeNoLongerReadable is set to false.

Apply is a potentially expensive operation, so you'll want to change as many pixels as possible between Apply calls.

Alternatively, if you don't need to access the pixels on the CPU, you could use Graphics.CopyTexture for fast GPU-side texture data copies. Note that calling Apply may undo the results of previous calls to Graphics.CopyTexture.

See Also: SetPixels, Graphics.CopyTexture.