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public static bool ScreenPointToWorldPointInRectangle (RectTransform rect, Vector2 screenPoint, Camera cam, out Vector3 worldPoint);


rectThe RectTransform to find a point inside.
camThe camera associated with the screen space position.
screenPointScreen space position.
worldPointPoint in world space.

Valor de retorno

bool Returns true if the plane of the RectTransform is hit, regardless of whether the point is inside the rectangle.


Transform a screen space point to a position in world space that is on the plane of the given RectTransform.

The cam parameter should be the camera associated with the screen point. For a RectTransform in a Canvas set to Screen Space - Overlay mode, the cam parameter should be null.

When ScreenPointToWorldPointInRectangle is used from within an event handler that provides a PointerEventData object, the correct camera can be obtained by using PointerEventData.enterEventData (for hover functionality) or PointerEventData.pressEventCamera (for click functionality). This will automatically use the correct camera (or null) for the given event.