Version: 2017.3


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public int GetAttachedColliders (Collider2D[] results);


results An array of Collider2D used to receive the results.

Valor de retorno

int Returns the number of Collider2D placed in the results array.


Returns all Collider2D that are attached to this Rigidbody2D.

Calculates all Collider2D that are attached to this Rigidbody2D and returns them in the results array.

When retrieving colliders, you should ensure that the provided array is large enough to contain all the colliders you are interested in. Typically the array would be reused therefore it would be a size to return a reasonable quantity of colliders. This function also means that no allocations occur which means no work is produced for the garbage collector.

See Also: Rigidbody2D.attachedColliderCount.