Version: 2022.2
public static Camera.CameraCallback onPreCull ;


Delegate that you can use to execute custom code before a Camera culls the scene.

In the Built-in Render Pipeline, Unity calls onPreCull before performing the culling operation that determines what a Camera can see. To execute custom code at this point, create callbacks that match the signature of CameraCallback, and add them to this delegate. For example, you could change a Camera's settings to affect what the Camera sees.

For similar functionality that applies only to a single Camera and requires your script to be on the same GameObject, see MonoBehaviour.OnPreCull. For similar functionality in the Scriptable Render Pipeline, see RenderPipelineManager.

using UnityEngine;

public class CameraCallbackExample : MonoBehaviour { // Add your callback to the delegate's invocation list void Start() { Camera.onPreCull += OnPreCullCallback; }

// Unity calls the methods in this delegate's invocation list before rendering any camera void OnPreCullCallback(Camera cam) { Debug.Log("Camera callback: Camera name is " +;

// Unity calls this for every active Camera. // If you're only interested in a particular Camera, // check whether the Camera is the one you're interested in if (cam == Camera.main) { // Put your custom code here } }

// Remove your callback from the delegate's invocation list void OnDestroy() { Camera.onPreCull -= OnPreCullCallback; } }