Version: 2020.2
public static PackageManager.Requests.PackRequest Pack (string packageFolder, string targetFolder);


packageFolder Folder containing the package. ArgumentException is thrown if packageFolder is null or empty.
targetFolder Folder where the Package Manager will write the GZip tarball file. The Package Manager will create this folder if it does not already exist. ArgumentException is thrown if targetFolder is null or empty.


PackRequest 一个 PackRequest 实例,可用于监控异步操作,并在操作完成时获取结果。


从包文件夹中创建一个 GZip tarball 文件。该文件的格式和内容与将包发布到包注册表时的文件相同。

注意:在调用此方法之前,需确保其他所有客户端操作均已完成。有关更多信息,请参阅 Client 类参考页中的注意事项。