public Vector2 textureCoord ;


碰撞位置处的 UV 纹理坐标。

向场景中发射一条射线。textureCoord 是该射线命中碰撞体 的位置。RaycastHit._textureCoord 是命中发生时的 纹理坐标。如果 GameObject 中不存在任何网格碰撞体,则返回 Vector2 零。

__注意:__.textureCoord 需要碰撞体为 MeshCollider

// Write black pixels onto the GameObject that is located
// by the script. The script is attached to the camera.
// Determine where the collider hits and modify the texture at that point.
// Note that the MeshCollider on the GameObject must have Convex turned off. This allows
// concave GameObjects to be included in collision in this example.
// Also to allow the texture to be updated by mouse button clicks it must have the Read/Write
// Enabled option set to true in its Advanced import settings.

using UnityEngine; using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public Camera cam;

void Start() { cam = GetComponent<Camera>(); }

void Update() { if (!Input.GetMouseButton(0)) return;

RaycastHit hit; if (!Physics.Raycast(cam.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition), out hit)) return;

Renderer rend = hit.transform.GetComponent<Renderer>(); MeshCollider meshCollider = hit.collider as MeshCollider;

if (rend == null || rend.sharedMaterial == null || rend.sharedMaterial.mainTexture == null || meshCollider == null) return;

Texture2D tex = rend.material.mainTexture as Texture2D; Vector2 pixelUV = hit.textureCoord; pixelUV.x *= tex.width; pixelUV.y *= tex.height;

tex.SetPixel((int)pixelUV.x, (int)pixelUV.y,; tex.Apply(); } }