public bool loop ;



返回或设置在完成某音频剪辑的播放后是否重放该音频剪辑。 如果对正在播放的 AudioSource 禁用循环播放,则在当前循环结束后停止播放该声音。AudioSource 组件中有一个复选框,让您能够在不编写代码的情况下启用或禁用循环播放。

//Create an empty GameObject and attach this script
//Attach an AudioSource component. (Click on the GameObject, go to its Inspector and click Add Component Button. Go to Audio>Audio Source)
//Attach an Audio clip in the AudioClip field of the AudioSource
//Create a Button (Create>UI>Button) and a Toggle (Create>UI>Toggle). Attach these in the Inspector of your GameObject.

//This script allows you to toggle the loop of a sound on or off using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UI;

public class AudioSourceLoop : MonoBehaviour { AudioSource m_AudioSource;

public Toggle m_Toggle; public Button m_Button;

void Start() { //Fetch the AudioSource component of the GameObject (make sure there is one in the Inspector) m_AudioSource = GetComponent<AudioSource>(); //Stop the Audio playing m_AudioSource.Stop(); //Call the PlayButton function when you click this Button m_Button.onClick.AddListener(PlayButton); }

void Update() { //Turn the loop on and off depending on the Toggle status m_AudioSource.loop = m_Toggle.isOn; }

//This plays the Audio clip when you press the Button void PlayButton() { m_AudioSource.Play(); } }