Version: 2018.4
Setting Up Analytics
Overview page

Analytics Dashboard

The Unity Analytics Service provides a web dashboard for:

  • Visualizing your Analytics data
  • Performing data segmentation and analysis
  • Conducting live operations
  • Configuring Unity Analytics services

The Analytics dashboard contains several pages for these purposes:

Analytics section:

  • Overview – A pre-built visualization of common key performance indicators derived from your Analytics data.
  • Data Explorer – Build, view, and export reports of your Analytics data.
  • Funnel Analyzer – Analyze player progress and behavior in your game by building funnels.
  • Segment Builder – Define customized segments to characterize your player population.
  • Livestream – View Analytics events as they occur. (Plus and Pro subscriptions only)
  • Raw Data Export – Export your unprocessed event data. (Pro subscriptions only)
  • Event Manager – List and manage your Custom Events.
  • Market Insights – Consult the Market Insights page to research trends in the computer hardware used to play Unity games.

Optimization section:

  • A/B Testing – (Open Beta) Conduct A/B testing based on Remote Settings.
  • Remote Settings – Change application variables remotely and without an application update. Find the Remote Settings page in the Optimization section of the dashboard.

Settings section:

  • Configure – Project Analytics settings. Find the Configure page under Settings > Analytics Settings on the dashboard.

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  • New feature in Unity 2017.1
Setting Up Analytics
Overview page