public static ThreadPriority backgroundLoadingPriority ;




加载对象(Resources.LoadAsyncAssetBundle.LoadAssetAsync、AssetBundle.LoadAllAssetAsync)、场景 (SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync) 的异步加载函数在单独的后台加载线程中执行数据读取和反序列化,并在主线程中执行对象集成。 “集成”取决于对象类型和纹理,网格意味着将数据上传到 GPU,音频剪辑可准备数据以进行播放。

To avoid hiccups we limit integration time on a main thread depending on backgroundLoadingPriority value:
- ThreadPriority.Low - 2ms;
- ThreadPriority.BelowNormal - 4ms;
- ThreadPriority.Normal - 10ms;
- ThreadPriority.High - 50ms.
This is a maximum time all asynchronous operations can spend within a single frame on a main thread.

后台加载线程直接使用 backgroundLoadingPriority

using UnityEngine;

public class ExampleScript : MonoBehaviour { void Example1() { // Load as much data as possible, as a result frame rate will drop. // Good for fast loading when showing progress bars.

Application.backgroundLoadingPriority = ThreadPriority.High; }

void Example2() { // Load data very slowly and try not to affect performance of the game. // Good for loading in the background while the game is playing.

Application.backgroundLoadingPriority = ThreadPriority.Low; } }

另请参阅:ThreadPriority 枚举、AsyncOperation.priority