public float orthographicSize ;



orthographicSize 属性定义 orthographic 摄像机的视体。要编辑该大小,请先使用脚本或在 Inspector 中将摄像机设置为 orthographic。 orthographicSize 为垂直视体大小的一半。视体的水平大小取决于宽高比。

如果是非正交摄像机,将忽略 Orthographic 大小(请参阅 orthographic)。


using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { //Assign this Camera in the Inspector public Camera m_OrthographicCamera; //These are the positions and dimensions of the Camera view in the Game view float m_ViewPositionX, m_ViewPositionY, m_ViewWidth, m_ViewHeight;

void Start() { //This sets the Camera view rectangle to be in the bottom corner of the screen m_ViewPositionX = 0; m_ViewPositionY = 0;

//This sets the Camera view rectangle to be smaller so you can compare the orthographic view of this Camera with the perspective view of the Main Camera m_ViewWidth = 0.4f; m_ViewHeight = 0.4f;

//This enables the Camera (the one that is orthographic) m_OrthographicCamera.enabled = true;

//If the Camera exists in the inspector, enable orthographic mode and change the size if (m_OrthographicCamera) { //This enables the orthographic mode m_OrthographicCamera.orthographic = true; //Set the size of the viewing volume you'd like the orthographic Camera to pick up (5) m_OrthographicCamera.orthographicSize = 5.0f; //Set the orthographic Camera Viewport size and position m_OrthographicCamera.rect = new Rect(m_ViewPositionX, m_ViewPositionY, m_ViewWidth, m_ViewHeight); } } }