Version: 2017.1
public Transform Find (string name);


name 要查找的子项的名称。


Finds a child by name and returns it.

If no child with name can be found, null is returned. If name contains a '/' character it will access the Transform in the hierarchy like a path name.

__注意:__.Find 不在变换层级视图中执行递归向下查找。

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class ExampleClass : MonoBehaviour { public GameObject player; public GameObject gun; public Transform ammo;

//Invoked when a button is clicked. public void Example() { //Finds and assigns the child of the player named "Gun". gun = player.transform.Find("Gun").gameObject;

//If the child was found. if (gun != null) { //Find the child named "ammo" of the gameobject "magazine" (magazine is a child of "gun"). ammo = gun.transform.Find("magazine/ammo"); } else Debug.Log("No child with the name 'Gun' attached to the player"); } }