Version: 2020.3
  • C#

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public string AddCopyFilesBuildPhase(string targetGuid, string name, string dstPath, string subfolderSpec);


targetGuid The GUID of the target as returned by [[TargetGuidByName()]].
name The name of the phase.
dstPath The destination path.
subfolderSpec The "subfolder spec". The following usages are known: "10" for embedding frameworks; "13" for embedding app extension content; "16" for embedding watch content.


string Returns the GUID of the new phase.


Creates a new copy files build phase for given target.

If the target already has copy files build phase with the same name, dstPath, and subfolderSpec configured for it, the function returns the existing phase.

The new phase is placed at the end of the list of build phases configured for the target.