Version: 2019.3
  • C#
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Obsolete public bool done;


Specifies if input process was finished. (Read Only)

Keyboard input process can be finished either by user tapping "Done" button or script setting active property to false. Note that keyboard might be temporarily inactive (either by sliding in/out due to orientation change or by appearance of another keyboard), however its input process might still be not finished and will be resumed automatically.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { // Opens a keyboard and shows what has been typed.

TouchScreenKeyboard keyboard; public string text = "";

void Start() { keyboard = TouchScreenKeyboard.Open(text, TouchScreenKeyboardType.Default); }

void Update() { if (keyboard != null && keyboard.status == TouchScreenKeyboard.Status.Done) { text = keyboard.text; print("User input is: " + text); } } }