Version: 2019.3
  • C#


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public bool SearchAndRemapMaterials(ModelImporterMaterialName nameOption, ModelImporterMaterialSearch searchOption);


nameOptionThe name matching option.
searchOptionThe search type option.


bool Returns true if the materials have been successfly remapped, otherwise false.


Search the project for matching materials and use them instead of the internal materials.

Unity uses the naming convention specified by nameOption to find and match Material assets in your project and maps them to the model. Use the search option to specify if you want the search to be done project wide, locally or recursive up from the model's location.

using UnityEditor;

public class MaterialRemapper : AssetPostprocessor { void OnPreprocessModel() { ModelImporter modelImporter = assetImporter as ModelImporter; modelImporter.SearchAndRemapMaterials(ModelImporterMaterialName.BasedOnMaterialName, ModelImporterMaterialSearch.Everywhere); } }