Version: 2022.3
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public void AddBlendShapeFrame(string shapeName, float frameWeight, Vector3[] deltaVertices, Vector3[] deltaNormals, Vector3[] deltaTangents);


shapeName Name of the blend shape to add a frame to.
frameWeight Weight for the frame being added.
deltaVertices Delta vertices for the frame being added.
deltaNormals Delta normals for the frame being added.
deltaTangents Delta tangents for the frame being added.


Adds a new blend shape frame.

If blend shape name does not exist, then a new blend shape is created. Blend shape frames can only be added to a new blend shape, or the last blend shape. Usually there will be a single frame for a blend shape, but the range of blending [0-100%] may be split into multiple frames. Weight is assumed to be 100% when a shape only has one frame. Frame must be added in an increasing weight order for blend shapes having multiple frames. deltaVertices, deltaNormals and deltaTangents arrays must be of size = Mesh.vertexCount. Subtract Mesh vertices, normals or tangents to convert from frame full vectors to get deltas. deltaNormals or deltaTangents may be set to null if there are no normals or tangents for a frame.