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public float orthographicSize;


Camera's half-size when in orthographic mode.

The orthographicSize property defines the viewing volume of an orthographic Camera. In order to edit this size, set the Camera to be orthographic first through script or in the Inspector. The orthographicSize is half the size of the vertical viewing volume. The horizontal size of the viewing volume depends on the aspect ratio.

Orthographic size is ignored when the camera is not orthographic (see orthographic).

See Also: camera component.

using UnityEngine;

public class Example : MonoBehaviour { //Assign this Camera in the Inspector public Camera m_OrthographicCamera; //These are the positions and dimensions of the Camera view in the Game view float m_ViewPositionX, m_ViewPositionY, m_ViewWidth, m_ViewHeight;

void Start() { //This sets the Camera view rectangle to be in the bottom corner of the screen m_ViewPositionX = 0; m_ViewPositionY = 0;

//This sets the Camera view rectangle to be smaller so you can compare the orthographic view of this Camera with the perspective view of the Main Camera m_ViewWidth = 0.4f; m_ViewHeight = 0.4f;

//This enables the Camera (the one that is orthographic) m_OrthographicCamera.enabled = true;

//If the Camera exists in the inspector, enable orthographic mode and change the size if (m_OrthographicCamera) { //This enables the orthographic mode m_OrthographicCamera.orthographic = true; //Set the size of the viewing volume you'd like the orthographic Camera to pick up (5) m_OrthographicCamera.orthographicSize = 5.0f; //Set the orthographic Camera Viewport size and position m_OrthographicCamera.rect = new Rect(m_ViewPositionX, m_ViewPositionY, m_ViewWidth, m_ViewHeight); } } }