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public static function PlayFullScreenMovie(path: string, bgColor: Color = Color.black, controlMode: FullScreenMovieControlMode = FullScreenMovieControlMode.Full, scalingMode: FullScreenMovieScalingMode = FullScreenMovieScalingMode.AspectFit): bool;
public static bool PlayFullScreenMovie(string path, Color bgColor = Color.black, FullScreenMovieControlMode controlMode = FullScreenMovieControlMode.Full, FullScreenMovieScalingMode scalingMode = FullScreenMovieScalingMode.AspectFit);
public static def PlayFullScreenMovie(path as string, bgColor as Color = Color.black, controlMode as FullScreenMovieControlMode = FullScreenMovieControlMode.Full, scalingMode as FullScreenMovieScalingMode = FullScreenMovieScalingMode.AspectFit) as bool


path Filesystem path to the movie file.
bgColor Background color.
controlMode How the playback controls are to be displayed.
scalingMode How the movie is to be scaled to fit the screen.


Plays a full-screen movie (pro only feature).

Note that player will stream movie directly from the device storage, therefore you have to provide movie as a separate files and not as a usual asset. You will have to create a folder named StreamingAssets inside your Unity project (inside your Assets folder). Store your movies inside that folder. Unity will automatically copy contents of that folder into the application bundle.

Calling this function will pause Unity during movie playback. When playback finishes Unity will resume.

The first parameter, path, can be a network-based URL. The function will detect that by looking for a "://" substring that follows the protocol name.

On iOS, Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie internally uses MPMoviePlayerController object to play movies. Therefore, you should expect the same behavior and the same supported formats. MPMoviePlayerController supports any movie or audio files that already play correctly on an iPod or iPhone.

For movie files, this typically means files with the extensions .mov, .mp4, .mpv, and .3gp and using one of the following compression standards:

H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3.0 video, up to 640 x 480 at 30 fps. Note that B frames are not supported in the Baseline profile.

MPEG-4 Part 2 video (Simple Profile).

Calling this function will initiate a transition that fades the screen from your current content to the designated background color of the player. When playback finishes, the player uses another fade effect to transition back to your content.

You can find Apple's MPMoviePlayerController documentation here: MPMoviePlayerController Class Reference