NavMesh Agent (Pro Only)
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NavMesh Agent (Pro Only)

The NavMesh Agent component is used in connection with pathfinding, and is the place to put information about how this agent navigates the NavMesh. You can access it in Component->Navigation->Nav Mesh Agent

RadiusAgent radius (used for pathfinding purposes only, and can differ from the actual object's radius, typically larger).
SpeedMaximum movement speed with which the agent can traverse the world toward its destination.
AccelerationMaximum acceleration.
Angular SpeedMaximum rotation speed in (deg/s).
Stopping distanceStopping distance. The agent will decelerate when within this distance to the destination.
Auto Traverse OffMesh LinkAutomate movement onto and off of OffMeshLinks.
Auto RepathAcquire new path if existing is partial or invalid.
HeightThe height of the agent (used in debug graphics).
Base offsetVertical offset of the collision geometry relative to the actual geometry.
Obstacle Avoidance TypeThe level of quality of avoidance.
NavMesh WalkableSpecifies the types of Navmesh layers that the agent can traverse.

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