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The ParticleSystem module implements Unity's Particle System.


IJobParticleSystemExtensionsExtension methods for Jobs using the IJobParticleSystem interface.
IJobParticleSystemParallelForBatchExtensionsExtension methods for Jobs using the IJobParticleSystemParallelForBatch interface.
IJobParticleSystemParallelForExtensionsExtension methods for Jobs using the IJobParticleSystemParallelFor interface.
ParticlePhysicsExtensionsMethod extension for Physics in Particle System.
ParticleSystemScript interface for the Built-in Particle System. Unity's powerful and versatile particle system implementation.
ParticleSystemForceFieldScript interface for Particle System Force Fields.
ParticleSystemRendererUse this class to render particles on to the screen.


ParticleCollisionEventInformation about a particle collision.
ParticleSystemJobDataThis struct specifies all the per-particle data.
ParticleSystemNativeArray3A container to hold x, y, and z-axis data for particles.
ParticleSystemNativeArray4A container to hold 4 arrays of data for particles.


ParticleSystemAnimationModeThe animation mode.
ParticleSystemAnimationRowModeThe mode used for selecting rows of an animation in the Texture Sheet Animation Module.
ParticleSystemAnimationTimeModeControl how animation frames are selected.
ParticleSystemAnimationTypeThe animation type.
ParticleSystemBakeMeshOptionsConfigure how a Particle System is baked into a mesh.
ParticleSystemBakeTextureOptionsConfigure how a Particle System is baked into a texture.
ParticleSystemColliderQueryModeWhether collider information is available when using the [[ParticleSystem::GetTriggerParticles]] method.
ParticleSystemCollisionModeWhether to use 2D or 3D colliders for particle collisions.
ParticleSystemCollisionQualityQuality of world collisions. Medium and low quality are approximate and may leak particles.
ParticleSystemCollisionTypeThe type of collisions to use for a given Particle System.
ParticleSystemCullingModeThe action to perform when the Particle System is offscreen.
ParticleSystemCurveModeThe particle curve mode.
ParticleSystemCustomDataWhich stream of custom particle data to set.
ParticleSystemCustomDataModeWhich mode CustomDataModule uses to generate its data.
ParticleSystemEmitterVelocityModeControl how a Particle System calculates its velocity.
ParticleSystemForceFieldShapeThe type of shape used for influencing particles in the Force Field Component.
ParticleSystemGameObjectFilterThe particle GameObject filtering mode that specifies which objects are used by specific Particle System modules.
ParticleSystemGradientModeThe particle gradient mode.
ParticleSystemGravitySourceOptions for which physics system to use the gravity setting from.
ParticleSystemInheritVelocityModeHow to apply emitter velocity to particles.
ParticleSystemMeshDistributionSets which method Unity uses to randomly assign Meshes to particles.
ParticleSystemMeshShapeTypeThe mesh emission type.
ParticleSystemNoiseQualityThe quality of the generated noise.
ParticleSystemOverlapActionWhat action to perform when the particle trigger module passes a test.
ParticleSystemRenderModeThe rendering mode for particle systems.
ParticleSystemRenderSpaceHow particles are aligned when rendered.
ParticleSystemRingBufferModeControl how particles are removed from the Particle System.
ParticleSystemScalingModeControl how particle systems apply transform scale.
ParticleSystemShapeMultiModeValueThe mode used to generate new points in a shape.
ParticleSystemShapeTextureChannelThe texture channel.
ParticleSystemShapeTypeThe emission shape.
ParticleSystemSimulationSpaceThe space to simulate particles in.
ParticleSystemSortModeThe sorting mode for particle systems.
ParticleSystemStopActionThe action to perform when the Particle System stops.
ParticleSystemStopBehaviorThe behavior to apply when calling Stop.
ParticleSystemSubEmitterPropertiesThe properties of sub-emitter particles.
ParticleSystemSubEmitterTypeThe events that cause new particles to be spawned.
ParticleSystemTrailModeChoose how Particle Trails are generated.
ParticleSystemTrailTextureModeChoose how textures are applied to Particle Trails.
ParticleSystemTriggerEventTypeThe different types of particle triggers.
ParticleSystemVertexStreamAll possible Particle System vertex shader inputs.
UVChannelFlagsA flag representing each UV channel.