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Represents the type of a SerializedProperty.


GenericRepresents an array, list, struct or class.
IntegerRepresents an integer property, for example int, byte, short, uint and long.
BooleanRepresents a boolean property.
FloatRepresents a single or double precision floating point property.
StringRepresents a string property.
ColorRepresents a color property.
ObjectReferenceProvides a reference to an object that derives from UnityEngine.Object.
LayerMaskRepresents a LayerMask property.
EnumRepresents an enumeration property.
Vector2Represents a 2D vector property.
Vector3Represents a 3D vector property.
Vector4Represents a 4D vector property.
RectRepresents a rectangle property.
ArraySizeRepresents an array size property.
CharacterRepresents a character property.
AnimationCurveRepresents an AnimationCurve property.
BoundsRepresents a bounds property.
GradientRepresents a gradient property.
QuaternionRepresents a quaternion property.
ExposedReferenceProvides a reference to another Object in the Scene.
FixedBufferSizeRepresents a fixed buffer size property.
Vector2IntRepresents a 2D integer vector property.
Vector3IntRepresents a 3D integer vector property.
RectIntRepresents a rectangle with Integer values property.
BoundsIntRepresents a bounds with Integer values property.
ManagedReferenceRepresents a property that references an object that does not derive from UnityEngine.Object.
Hash128Represents a Hash128 property.