Version: 2022.2
  • C#


class in UnityEditor.IMGUI.Controls

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Column state.


allowToggleVisibilityOption to allow/disallow hiding the column from the context menu.
autoResizeOption to allow the column to resize automatically when resizing the entire MultiColumnHeader.
canSortIs sorting enabled for this column. If false, left-clicking this column header has no effect.
contextMenuTextIf this is set then it is used for the context menu for toggling visibility, if not set then the ::headerContent is used.
headerContentThis is the GUIContent that will be rendered in the column header.
headerTextAlignmentAlignment of the header content.
maxWidthMaximum width of the column.
minWidthMinimum width of the column.
sortedAscendingValue that controls if this column is sorted ascending or descending.
sortingArrowAlignmentAlignment of the sorting arrow.
userDataSerialized field that holds an integer value that can be used as a handle to access any non-serialized user data.
widthThe width of the column.