Version: 2021.1
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public SpriteDrawMode drawMode;


The current draw mode of the Sprite Renderer.

When the drawMode is set to SpriteDrawMode.Sliced or SpriteDrawMode.Tiled, the SpriteRenderer will render the sprite as a 9-slice image.

A 9-Slice image is where an image is divided into 9 portion.

The A, C, G and I section sizes will not be affected by the dimension of set by SpriteRenderer.size.

The B and H section will be repeated horizontally.

The D and F section will be repeated vertically.

The E section will be stretched or repeated both horizontally or vertically.

When set to SpriteDrawMode.Sliced, the B, D, E, F, H section will be stretched to fit the dimension

When set to SpriteDrawMode.Tiled, the B, D, E, F, H section will be repeated to fit the dimension