Version: 2021.1
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CreateGUI is called when the EditorWindow's rootVisualElement is ready to be populated.

Use CreateGUI to add UIToolkit user interface elements to your window.

// A simple script that saves frames from the Game view when in Play mode.
// This example is the same as the OnGUI() example, but uses retained-mode UIToolkit UI.
// You can put the frames together later to create a video.
// The frames are saved in the project, at the same level of the project hierarchy as the Assets folder.

using UnityEditor; using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.UIElements; using UnityEditor.UIElements;

public class SimpleRecorderUIToolkit : EditorWindow { [SerializeField] string fileName = "FileName";

bool recording = false; float lastFrameTime = 0.0f; int capturedFrame = 0;

private Button recordButton; private Label statusLabel;

[MenuItem("Example/Simple Recorder (UI Toolkit)")] public static void ShowExample() { SimpleRecorderUIToolkit wnd = GetWindow<SimpleRecorderUIToolkit>(); wnd.titleContent = new GUIContent("Simple Recorder (UIToolkit)"); }

private void CreateGUI() { // Each editor window contains a root VisualElement object. VisualElement root = rootVisualElement;

// Create elements and add them to the visual tree. root.Add(new PropertyField(){bindingPath = nameof(fileName)}); recordButton = new Button(ToggleRecording) { text = "Record" }; statusLabel = new Label();

root.Add(recordButton); root.Add(statusLabel);

// Bind the created fields to this window's serializable data root.Bind(new SerializedObject(this)); }

private void ToggleRecording() { if (recording) //recording { SetStatus("Idle..."); recordButton.text = "Record"; recording = false; } else // idle { capturedFrame = 0; recordButton.text = "Stop"; recording = true; } }

private void SetStatus(string status) { statusLabel.text = $"Status: \t\t\t{status}"; }

void Update() { if (recording) { if (EditorApplication.isPlaying && !EditorApplication.isPaused) { RecordImages(); Repaint(); } else SetStatus("Waiting for Editor to Play"); } }

void RecordImages() { if (lastFrameTime < Time.time + (1 / 24f)) // 24fps { SetStatus("Captured frame " + capturedFrame); ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot(fileName + " " + capturedFrame + ".png"); capturedFrame++; lastFrameTime = Time.time; } } }