Version: 2020.2
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public int GetDenseJacobian(ref ArticulationJacobian jacobian);


jacobian Supplied struct to read back and store Jacobian matrix values.


int Number of elements in Jacobian matrix.


Calculates and writes dense Jacobian matrix of the articulation body hierarchy to the supplied struct.

This calculates dense Jacobian matrix of the entire articulation body hierarchy starting from root articulation body. Number of rows ArticulationJacobian.rows of the matrix is equal to the number of articulation bodies in hierarchy times 6: 3 rows of linear/positional DOF and 3 rows of angular/rotational DOF for each body. Number of columns ArticulationJacobian.columns of the matrix is equal to the total number of all joints degrees of freedom(DOF), plus 6 if ArticulationBody.immovable is false. See Also: index, ArticulationJacobian, GetDofStartIndices.