Version: 2019.4
Windows Mixed Reality
Xiaomi SDK
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Windows XR Plugin

com.unity.xr.windowsmr 2019.4 verified 


Provides implementation and support for Unity XR SDK, allowing integration and use of Windows Mixed Reality devices.

Version information

Verified for Unity

Package version 2.8.0 is verified for Unity Editor version 2019.4.

Compatible with Unity

These package versions are available in Unity version 2019.4:

Documentation location: State Versions available:
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@2.8 verified 2.8.0
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@2.7 compatible 2.7.0
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@2.6 compatible 2.6.0, 2.6.1
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@2.5 compatible 2.5.2
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@2.4 compatible 2.4.1-preview.1, 2.4.1
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@2.3 compatible 2.3.0, 2.3.1-preview.1
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@2.2 compatible 2.2.0
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@2.1 compatible 2.1.5, 2.1.6-preview.1, 2.1.6-preview.2, 2.1.6-preview.3
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@2.0 compatible 2.0.1, 2.0.3-preview.1, 2.0.3, 2.0.4-preview.3, 2.0.4-preview.4
com.unity.xr.windowsmr@1.0 preview 1.0.0-preview.3, 1.0.0-preview.4, 1.0.0-preview.9


windows , ar , augmented , xr , reality , xreditorsubsystem , mixed , hololens

Windows Mixed Reality
Xiaomi SDK