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Collaborate troubleshooting tips

This page details some simple troubleshooting tips for the most common problems that can arise while using Unity Collaborate. For further assistance, visit the Collaborate section of the Unity forum.

Out-of-date Collab History information

Issue: The information in the Collab History window appears to be out of date (for example, if the time next to the latest publish doesn’t match when the most recent changes were pushed).

Resolution: Right-click the Collab History tab and select Reload to retrieve the most recently updated information.

Project state problems

Issue: Your local Project state is the state you want, but you are experiencing conflicts or other problems with the Cloud Project state.

Resolution: Re-link the Project. Open the Services tab and navigate to Settings. From here, click Unlink project, then re-link the Project with a new ID to submit a clean new version of your Project. To do this, click Select organization in the Services panel and follow the steps to assign or create an ID.

Issue: You are experiencing conflicts or other problems with the local Project state, and can revert your local version to a version of the Project in the Cloud.

Resolution: Revert to the Cloud version using the instructions found in Restoring previous versions of a Project.

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