Version: 2019.2
  • C#
Experimental: this API is experimental and might be changed or removed in the future.


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public int GetAgentTypeIdForPolygon(Experimental.AI.PolygonId polygon);


polygonIdentifier of a node from a NavMesh surface or link.


int Agent type identifier.


Returns the identifier of the agent type the NavMesh was baked for or for which the link has been configured.

When NavMesh surfaces are baked or links are configured the Agent Type allowed to use them needs to be specified. Each Agent Type is identified by a unique integer. Operations such as NavMeshQuery.MapLocation, NavMesh.GetSettingsByID, NavMesh.GetSettingsNameFromID, NavMeshBuilder.BuildNavMeshData, and NavMesh.CalculatePath all require an agent type to be specified to distinguish between NavMeshes built for different agent configurations.