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public static bool BeginToggleGroup(string label, bool toggle);
public static bool BeginToggleGroup(GUIContent label, bool toggle);


labelLabel to show above the toggled controls.
toggleEnabled state of the toggle group.


bool The enabled state selected by the user.


Begin a vertical group with a toggle to enable or disable all the controls within at once.

See Also: EndToggleGroup.

Align position/rotation/scale of the selected GameObjects.

// Simple script that lets you align GameObjects
// position/rotation/scale wise with the selected active transform

using UnityEngine; using UnityEditor;

public class Aligner : EditorWindow { bool[] pos = new bool[3] { true, true, true }; bool[] rot = new bool[3] { true, true, true }; bool[] scale = new bool[3] { true, true, true };

bool posGroupEnabled = true; bool rotGroupEnabled = true; bool scaleGroupEnabled = false;

void OnGUI() { posGroupEnabled = EditorGUILayout.BeginToggleGroup("Align position", posGroupEnabled); pos[0] = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("x", pos[0]); pos[1] = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("y", pos[1]); pos[2] = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("z", pos[2]); EditorGUILayout.EndToggleGroup();

rotGroupEnabled = EditorGUILayout.BeginToggleGroup("Align rotation", rotGroupEnabled); rot[0] = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("x", rot[0]); rot[1] = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("y", rot[1]); rot[2] = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("z", rot[2]); EditorGUILayout.EndToggleGroup();

scaleGroupEnabled = EditorGUILayout.BeginToggleGroup("Align scale", scaleGroupEnabled); scale[0] = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("x", scale[0]); scale[1] = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("y", scale[1]); scale[2] = EditorGUILayout.Toggle("z", scale[2]); EditorGUILayout.EndToggleGroup();

GUILayout.Space(30); if (GUILayout.Button("Align!")) Align(); }

void Align() { Transform[] transforms = Selection.transforms; Transform activeTransform = Selection.activeTransform; if (transforms.Length < 2) { Debug.LogWarning("Aligner: select at least two objects."); return; } for (int i = 0; i < transforms.Length; i++) { if (posGroupEnabled) { Vector3 newPos; newPos.x = pos[0] ? activeTransform.position.x : transforms[i].position.x; newPos.y = pos[1] ? activeTransform.position.y : transforms[i].position.y; newPos.z = pos[2] ? activeTransform.position.z : transforms[i].position.z; transforms[i].position = newPos; } if (rotGroupEnabled) { Vector3 newRot; newRot.x = rot[0] ? activeTransform.rotation.eulerAngles.x : transforms[i].rotation.eulerAngles.x; newRot.y = rot[1] ? activeTransform.rotation.eulerAngles.y : transforms[i].rotation.eulerAngles.y; newRot.z = rot[2] ? activeTransform.rotation.eulerAngles.z : transforms[i].rotation.eulerAngles.z; transforms[i].rotation = Quaternion.Euler(newRot); } if (scaleGroupEnabled) { Vector3 newScale; newScale.x = scale[0] ? activeTransform.localScale.x : transforms[i].localScale.x; newScale.y = scale[1] ? activeTransform.localScale.y : transforms[i].localScale.y; newScale.z = scale[2] ? activeTransform.localScale.z : transforms[i].localScale.z; transforms[i].localScale = newScale; } } }

[MenuItem("Examples/Position-Rotation-Scale Aligner")] static void Init() { Aligner window = (Aligner)EditorWindow.GetWindow(typeof(Aligner)); window.Show(); } }

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