Version: 2018.4
  • C#


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public delegate void TappedEventDelegate(XR.WSA.Input.InteractionSourceKind source, int tapCount, Ray headRay);


sourceIndicates which input medium triggered this event.
tapCountThe count of taps (1 for single tap, 2 for double tap).
headRayRay (with normalized direction) from user at the time this event interaction began.


Callback indicating a tap event.

Users should register with TappedEvent. If only one of GestureSettings.Tap or GestureSettings.DoubleTap is set, then tapCount is reported as 1 or 2 respectively. If both GestureSettings.Tap and GestureSettings.DoubleTap are set, then two tapCounts are reported successively. For example, if you enable both taps on the same GestureRecognizer and tap twice, then two events are generated, the first with tapCount = 1 and the second with tapCount = 2.