Version: 2018.4
Splitting clips
Changing clip play speed

Resetting clips

You can reset the duration and speed of a clip. Resetting a clip does not reset the following properties:

  • Start
  • Ease In Duration and Ease Out Duration
  • Animation Extrapolation settings
  • Blend Curves

To reset a clip, right-click the clip and select Editing from the context menu. Then, select Reset Duration, Reset Speed, or Reset All. Depending on the reset option you select, resetting a clip does the following:

Option: Description:
Reset Duration Resets the Duration and the Clip In.
Reset Speed Resets the Speed Multiplier.
Reset All Resets the Duration, Clip In, and Speed Multiplier.

If resetting a clip results in two clips overlapping each other, TimelineGeneric term within Unity that refers to all features, windows, editors, and components related to creating, modifying, or reusing cut-scenes, cinematics, and game-play sequences. More info
See in Glossary
creates a blend for the overlap, regardless of the selected Clip Edit mode.

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Splitting clips
Changing clip play speed