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public static method Spawn(obj: GameObject): void;
public static void Spawn(GameObject obj);


objGame object with NetworkIdentity to spawn.


Spawn the given game object on all clients which are ready.

This will cause a new object to be instantiated from the registered prefab, or from a custom spawn function.

no example available in JavaScript
//Attach this script to the GameObject you would like to be spawned.
//Attach a NetworkIdentity component to your GameObject. Click and drag the GameObject into the Assets directory so that it becomes a prefab.
//The GameObject you assign in the Inspector spawns when the Client connects. To spawn a prefab GameObject, use Instantiate first before spawning the GameObject.

using UnityEngine; using UnityEngine.Networking;

public class Example : NetworkBehaviour { //Assign the prefab in the Inspector public GameObject m_MyGameObject; GameObject m_MyInstantiated;

void Start() { //Instantiate the prefab m_MyInstantiated = Instantiate(m_MyGameObject); //Spawn the GameObject you assign in the Inspector NetworkServer.Spawn(m_MyInstantiated); } }

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