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public method StartMultiEye(camera: Camera): void;
public void StartMultiEye(Camera camera);


cameraCamera to enable stereo rendering on.


Fine-grain control to begin stereo rendering on the scriptable render context.

Activates stereo rendering on the ScriptableRenderContext and camera. When used in conjunction with StopMultiEye, these APIs provide fine-grained control of which draw calls are multi-plexed for stereo purposes. For example, you would wrap your opaque and transparent passes with StartMultiEye and StopMultiEye, but you could exclude your shadow rendering.

Note that only draws are affected by this API. Compute work is not automatically adjusted for stereo, therefore, per-eye compute work must be manually generated.

See Also: StopMultiEye, SetupCameraProperties, StereoEndRender, CullResults.GetCullingParameters.

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