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public static var showMixedValue: bool;
public static bool showMixedValue;


Makes the following controls give the appearance of editing multiple different values.

This is sometimes useful when creating custom editors and you want to represent a value in a non-standard way in the GUI while also supporting multi-object editing.

// This example shows a custom inspector for an object "MyVessel".
// MyVessel has a boolean variable isFast but we want to show it
// as a dropdown instead of as a toggle.

enum SpeedOption { Slow, Fast }

@CustomEditor (MyVessel) @CanEditMultipleObjects class MyVesselEditor extends Editor { var isFastProp : SerializedProperty;

function OnEnable () { isFastProp = serializedObject.FindProperty ("isFast"); }

function OnInspectorGUI () { serializedObject.Update ();

// Show the isFast boolean the standard way - as a toggle: EditorGUILayout.PropertyField (isFastProp);

// Show the isFast boolean as a dropdown using the SpeedOption enum defined above:

// Check if the value was changed inside this block EditorGUI.BeginChangeCheck ();

// If the isFast property represent multiple different values, the dropdown should show that: EditorGUI.showMixedValue = isFastProp.hasMultipleDifferentValues;

// Convert the isFast boolean to an enum value var speedOptionEnumValue : SpeedOption; if (isFastProp.boolValue == true) speedOptionEnumValue = SpeedOption.Fast; else speedOptionEnumValue = SpeedOption.Slow;

// Present the enum value in a dropdown: speedOptionEnumValue = EditorGUILayout.EnumPopup ("Speed", speedOptionEnumValue);

// Set showMixedValue to false so it doesn't affect the following controls, if any: EditorGUI.showMixedValue = false;

// If the value was changed inside this block, apply the new value to all the objects: if (EditorGUI.EndChangeCheck ()) isFastProp.boolValue = (speedOptionEnumValue == SpeedOption.Fast ? true : false);

serializedObject.ApplyModifiedProperties (); } }
// This is the MyVessel script used above

var isFast : boolean = false;

function Update () { // Update logic here... }

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